Thursday, January 12, 2012

Basho Revisited, how rare!

mezurashi ya   yama wo ide ha no   natsu nasubi

how rare!
on leaving the mountain
the first eggplant

Basho was host of a renga party at the home of Nagayama Shigeyuki, a military man of the Shonai Clan. This was the greeting verse and it was used as 'hokku' for the renga.
He had visited Mount Hagura for seven days and was glad that he could finally eat fresh vegetables.
It was published in his 'Narrow Road'.

I love this haiku, it's not so well known verse, but it's a verse in which we can see Basho as a traveler. On the other hand this verse brought some nice memories.
The first sentence 'how rare!' was the same as my first thought when I wrote my first haiku. I think that's almost 25 years ago. I had scribbled some short verses at the school where I then learned to be a teacher. One my fellow students told me that the scribblings I had made looked very similar like haiku. I had never heard about haiku. I thought those short verses 'rare' 'strange', but from that time on I never let go of haiku. I can't remember that very first verse, but I can recall that in that first verse I used Honeysuckle as a seasonword. Several years later I took the French translation of Honeysuckle as my nom de plum or my pseudonym. I became Chevrefeuille, haiku poet.

Since I had nice memories when reading the above verse I have written a haiku for this episode of Basho Revisited with my pseudonym, Chevrefeuille, in it:

the sweet perfume
of the Honeysuckle
makes me drowsy

At that time I couldn't know that haiku would become my passion and still is. I also couldn't know at that time that my haiku would be Internationally known.
I am glad to write haiku and will write them for a long time.

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  1. that's nice. makes your drowsy just thinking about the scent

    the earth

  2. This haiku is beautiful!

  3. the fragrant perfume
    of the wild honeysuckle
    sets me to dreaming

    A Dozen Haiku

    1. Thanks for sharing this haiku Magical Mystical Teacher. Love this haiku very much.

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Alcina, thank you for visiting. Ans I am honored by your words.

  5. You do this extremely well. I am most pleased to be here. Most! You are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you Raven. I love writing haiku and I am a 'fan' of Matsuo Basho. Come again.

  6. Well done Haiku

    1. Thanks Blaque. Thanks for visiting and ... come again if you pleased with haiku.
      I have another weblog about haiku

      You're welcome to visit

  7. I love the fragrance of sweet honeysuckle! Nice imagery ~~

  8. Our honeysuckle scent is most wonderful in the early evening - the best time to take a walk. I am always a little sad to see it fade away in winter time, but that makes it even more wonderful when I first catch its returning sweetness each spring.

    Lovely haiku. thank you for sharing.

    1. Hello Paula thank you for visiting my haiku blog about Basho's haiku. I am happy to see (and read) that this weblog grows to be well known and visited.
      Thank you for your kind remarks on this episode.

      Please come again, you're so welcome