Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basho Revisited, washing my feet

The following haiku was published by Daichu in a collection of Basho's handwritten poems, but actually this verse is 'unconfirmed' at being Basho's. Let us take a closer look at the verse.

ashi arote   tsui ake yasuki   maro ne kana

washing my feet
I fall asleep for the short night
with my clothes on

When I read this the first time I thought 'this is a nice haiku by Basho', but when I read further I was struck by lightning as I read the comment of Jane Reichhold that this was an 'unconfirmed' haiku by Basho. I was in shock. This couldn't be. I read the haiku again and again and it stays a haiku by Basho, but why than 'unconfirmed'?
Let us take a closer look. Why do I think this is a haiku by Basho? I don't pretend that I am a Basho connoisseur, but (as other haiku poets say) I write my own haiku in the same tone and sense as Basho. So I think I can say that I know how Basho wrote. Am I immodest ... that's up to you my dear visitors.

Credits: Stonehenge Summer solstice

This haiku has Zen in it, it has humour and it has a season word 'the short night'.
Basho was very tired while he crafted this one, he even don't had the strenght to wash his feet and put off his clothes. While washing his feet he falls asleep and misses the shortest night of the year, the summer solstice. In that part is the Zen. The shortest night missing because you're to tired, it feels like emptiness and also brings enlightenment.
Time is such a rare thing, time flies. Time doesn't excist is what this haiku says. It's a wonderful haiku. Although mentioned an 'unconfirmed' one by Basho. I think it's 'now confirmed' that this is a haiku by Basho. Daichu was right when he enclosed this haiku in the collection of Basho's handwritten haiku.

And now ... I have to write a haiku by myself in Basho's Spirit.

at dawn
I wash my feet with dew
the longest day

Well ... it's not completely in the Spirit of Basho, but it's for sure in the Spirit of Chèvrefeuille ... and that is CONFIRMED :)


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  1. I enjoyed this much to learn.

    It is me.. to see you write "but it's for sure in the Spirit of Chèvrefeuille ... and that is CONFIRMED :)" A true master would want the student to make their own mark...which you are doing, not to be confused by anyone.