Friday, January 6, 2012

Basho Revisited, the day of flowers

'Tomorrow I'll be a cypress tree', the old tree in the valley said. Yesterday is gone by. Tomorrow is not here yet. While alive, doing nothing but enjoying drinks and repeating the excuse "Tomorrow!" and "Tomorrow!" until in the end we are blamed by the wise.

This was the preface of the following haiku by Basho:

hi wa hana ni    kure te sabishi ya    asunaro

the day of flowers
closes with sadness
becoming tomorrow

It's Spring time and Basho feels sad because the day of flowers has gone. The night comes and soon tomorrow will be the day of flowers. In this haiku Basho tells us that every day is a day of flowers, of nature and also tomorrow is again such a day.
Live each day to the fullest don't think of tomorrow, enjoy today. Look around you, see the flowers, the trees and the birds and insects. Enjoy every day as if it was tomorrow.

The joy of living with each day I have been given is, in my opinion, the innermost truth of Life. Live life with unconditional love for all and everything around you.
Look at your world and let that world smile ... Carpe Diem!

also tomorrow
is a day of flowers -
live your life

Make it happen :)

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