Thursday, January 5, 2012

Basho Revisited, even a long day

The Skylark is a great singer. It could be easily compared with the Nightingale who's song is delicious and delicate. I wrote several haiku about the skylark, for example:

the last rays of light
skylarks falling towards earth -
cicadas sing


skylark, skylark
what has become of you
I miss your song

But this series is not about haiku which I have written, it's about Basho's haiku.
In the Summer of 1687 Basho wrote the next one:

nagaki hi mo    saezuri tara nu    hibari kana

even a long day
is not enough for the singing
of a skylark

This is very true. I love to hear the song of the skylark 24/7 because its song is so ... breath taking. His song makes me happy. For his song the day is never to long, it's never enough.

skylark's song
even in my dreams
he still sings

Isn't it a great feeling that even in our dreams the skylark sings his song?

This is what haiku must be, a lovely picture full of grace ... and in the Spirit of Basho.


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