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Basho Revisited, stars in my eyes

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As some sources mention, Basho started as a haiku poet with pupils around 1672. He then was already a referee at haiku contests and was a well respected haiku poet at Renga sessions.
A great part of his haiku were born at Renga sessions. Sometimes a not so well known haiku of Basho turns out to be once a part of a Renga (or Renku). The following one was surely part of a Renga. It could have been the hokku (the opening haiku) of a Renga.
Why? Because in a deeper level of this haiku it could have been written with the theme of the Tanabata or Star festival.

me no hoshi ya    hana wo negai no    ito zakura
stars in my eyes
wishing to see blossoms
on weeping cherries
weeping cherry
The connection with the Star festival is seen in the words 'negai no ito' this means 'wish on a string'. With Tanabata people hang strips of paper by strings on bamboo trees on which they wrote wishes.

with tears in my eyes
I saw the blooming flowers
of the weeping cherry

Is it in the Spirit of Basho? This haiku written by me ... Chèvrefeuille? Yes ... it is!


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