Sunday, January 15, 2012

Basho Revisited, missing someone

Basho's Narrow Road to the Deep North has granted us with a lot of wonderful haiku. Every haiku in this haibun is a little gift, a present to the reader by Basho.
I love every haiku in Narrow Road and every haiku makes me speechless. It fills me with joy and pleasure. Sometimes I write haiku just as Basho, but I will never become as good as him. Basho is One in his kind of writing haiku. And I, Chevrefeuille, can only come close to his skill in writing haiku.
In this series of Basho Revisited I can only try to write in the Spirit of Basho.

It was, in Basho's lifetime, considered an elegant, and delightfully impulsive act to write a verse on a fan and then to tear the fan into two parts so each person would have a keepsake. You can compare this with a common use in our times to break a heart into two parts and give one part to your girlfriend or boyfriend and keep the other part yourself.

mono kai te   ogi hiki saku   nagori kana

writing something
tearing apart the thrown-away fan
missing someone

What an elegant thought to write something on a fan and then break it in two.

a love letter
on a leaf of paper
two hearts in one

Wow! I love this one. Sorry :) Sometimes I am surprised by my own haiku. Besides the inspiration of Basho's haiku I was inspired by my own words in this episode of Basho Revisited. So I think my haiku is in the same tone and sense as the one by Basho.


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