Friday, February 3, 2012

Basho Revisited, missing it

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Sometimes I read a haiku of Basho that I find beautiful in its image and simpleness. So like Basho. Just a haiku about, for example, viewing a lake
The next one is such a haiku.

yuku haru wo   omi no hito to   oshimi keru

departing spring
along with the people of Omi
missing it

Omi is situated on the southeastern shore of lake Biwa. It's known for his old castle Omi Hachiman and goes back to the 16th century. Omi is very known as a center of commerce thanks to its location near Kyoto on the east-west transportation route, and its strategic position as a center of water transport on Lake Biwa. Merchants from the area were known as Omi shonin and some of them became very famous for their success.

Credits: Lake Biwa
Lake Biwa was well known of his beauty and the wonderful nature around it.
Basho stands viewing this lake accompanied by the people of Omi at the beginning of summer or at the end of spring. He's so in awe that he misses the feeling which belongs to the departure of spring.
A haiku with the feeling of sadness, but also with happiness. In my opinion a well balanced haiku on the thin line between spring and summer.

at the seashore
wind of summer through my hair
the shortest night

Awesome! Isn't it a beauty (how immodest) this one on the thin line between spring and summer. It's a wonder. In my opinion a haiku in Basho's Spirit (and one of my masterpieces).



  1. Breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing! Cathy

  2. Both your haikus and your portrait of Basho are beautiful. You have a very intriguing website.Thanks.

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments. Basho is one of my favorite haiku poets. I have read all his haiku and I am glad that more poets appreciate his haiku.

  4. In Arizona, I feel like we're in that thin veil between winter and's not cold and it's not really warm, but the days are slowly lengthening and and the sunshine is getting more bold! Beautiful haikus!

  5. Wonderful haiku and unabashedly beautiful cherry blossom tree.

  6. Thanks for visiting Dawn. Here in The Netherlands we have still a very cold winter period, but today the sun shines bright and makes me feel a bit on that thin line between winter and spring.

    Come again ... or visit my other weblog on haiku

  7. I love the painting! Real character lines!!! Ah, the blossoms, so pretty!!

  8. Hello Peggy, thank you for visiting my blog on Matsuo Basho. I am glad to hear you love to read it.